Camillo Torrisi Street Photography Stuttgart

About in English


My name is Camillo Torrisi and I live in the South of Germany near the towns of Stuttgart and Esslingen.

I have been a friend of street photographing for many years already because I like very much those photos taken in the public space. Each of them, I think, is unique because it is the only one of its kind, even if the scenes should be very similar. I have always admired the way in which photographers choose there subjects or scenes and how they know to turn them into marvellous photos. And it is in particular those shots developed in black and white that I appreciate most.

I started street photographing in January 2016 after I had bought a new Fujifilm X-PRO1 camera. It was Thomas Leuthard who had motivated and inspired me by his photos, eBooks, podcasts and videos. But, of corse, there have been also lots of other excellent photographers that made me turn to my new activity. In street photographing I’m focusing on the black-white technique because I find that photos of that kind are particularly impressive.

I like perceiving scenes of everyday life and I`m interested in presenting them in my photos. Thus I would like to make people better aware of our common environment, which we all do not any longer notice very attentively nowadays.